Lender Spotlight: The Standard

Lender Spotlight: The Standard


PSRS recently spoke with Mike Morey, Vice President & Managing Director at The Standard, and asked him a few questions about his forecast and thoughts on interest rates in the next few years. Read below to take a look at some of the other questions that he answered for us:

Where is The Standard winning deals? 

Mike: Very simple…credible quotes and reliable closings.

What is your forecasting and where do you see interest rates going in the next few years?

Mike: We been predicting an increase for the last six years, so anyone’s guess is better that what we think.  As a cash flow lender, we will be active in the market wherever rates go and rely on quality mortgage loans to back our various insurance products.

Where do you see the market over the next 12 months, or if you’ve noticed any changes to the marketplace lately that might affect your business? 

Mike: Small fluctuations up and down are good for the market, and we expect general stability to occur with minor movements in different sectors.

What are some interesting, out-of-the-box deals you guys have completed recently?

Mike: We prefer to state that we use common sense in underwriting. This may mean that sometimes others may believe a deal is “funky” or “out of the box”, but if we can see value we will take a run at it

What were some of The Standard numbers
 from 2017/18?

Mike: Last year we closed 555 loans between $1 and $20 million totaling $1.82 billion.  In 2018, we project $1.85 billion in 
approximately 530 loans.



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