Choosing the right lender for your loan

Choosing the right lender for your loan


Choosing the right lender for your loan requires the knowledge of an experienced mortgage banker who understands the lending market and can pair your loan with the correct lender. Listed below are four different lender types that we handle that can best fit your loan:

Life Company Execution

  • Lock rate at application
  • Non-recourse financing
  • Lowest rates
  • Loan sizes $1 million and up
  • Bridge lite and construction perms
  • Terms – floating rate to 40-year fixed
  • Ability to obtain secondary financing
  • Minimal to no reserve structure
  • Portfolio/on book loan

Banks/Credit Unions

  • Shorter term loan
  • Flexible prepay
  • Construction loans
  • Portfolio/on book loan
  • Bridge type financing
  • Property issue that requires recourse (single-tenant)


  • Higher leverage
  • Longer periods of interest only
  • Secondary/tertiary locations
  • Hotel loans

Debt Funds

  • Value-add transactions
  • Quick close
  • Light to heavy lift or re-position
  • Floating or fixed


  • Non-recourse financing
  • Lock rate at application
  • Terms – Floating Rate to 40 Year Fixed
  • Minimal to no reserve structure
  • Current servicing portfolio of $5.5 Billion – Fast servicing decisions
  • Nationwide coverage in the US on all commercial and multi-family real estate
  • Loan sizes from $1 Million to $100 Million+

About PSRS

Founded in 1972, Pacific Southwest Realty Services (PSRS) is one of the largest privately-held commercial mortgage banking firms in the Western United States. Our funding sources include major life insurance companies, banks, credit companies, CMBS and institutional investors.

Access to diverse capital sources insures a high level of success in arranging commercial real estate loans, apartment loans, mezzanine loans, and equity transactions that our clients have come to expect. Our long-term lending relationships give us greater latitude in solving problems and closing loans in a timely manner.  After the loan funds, our experienced, in-house servicing team handles many issues such as assumptions, lease approvals, payoffs, insurance and many other similar matters.

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