The benefits of using an intermediary mortgage banker

The benefits of using an intermediary mortgage banker


Shopping the market as a borrower can be a rigorous task. The lending market can at times be filled with many seemingly similar lenders offering terms that can either benefit or potentially take advantage of the borrower. So, it is important to be able to differentiate between loan options and come to a decision on who to trust and who to work with.

Real estate is a relationship business. Trusting your mortgage banker and relying on their advice can provide you with several benefits including access to valuable long-term relationships, the ability to solve complicated problems, and extensive experience with various lenders, loan scenarios, and structures.

Below are a few points of consideration for borrowers in the market for a commercial loan:

Access to various lenders: Like the home loan market, commercial loans can sometimes seem like a commodity: if you fit in a specific box, you get a specific kind of loan. A mortgage banking shop like PSRS has a distinct advantage due to their unique access to correspondent lenders that are not available to others in the lending market. PSRS works as a correspondent to 25 life insurance companies who, as portfolio lenders, can structure their loans as they see fit. Unlike many traditional lenders, they can offer flexibility in prepayment, recourse, reserves, impounds, and several other loan features that can be material to a transaction.

Experienced Team: A trusted, well-experienced team of mortgage bankers, closers, servicing makes all the difference in being able to close a loan. A vast knowledge of the market, legal documents, title, insurance, leases, etc. is required and it is important to know that you’ll have problem solvers on your team. There may be complicated environmental or title issues that arise during the transaction. In the thousands of loans they’ve arranged over the years, the PSRS team has likely dealt with this type of scenario and will be able to provide a solution to the problem.

Track Record: Using a mortgage banking firm with a long-term history in the market provides both borrower and lender a high degree of comfort that all parties will walk away satisfied upon closing. Established in 1972, PSRS has spent the last 47 years providing unique loan options to borrowers all over the country. Our long, successful time in the mortgage banking space benefits borrowers because of the goodwill we’ve established in the lending community. Conversely, when a lender sees a deal from PSRS, they know it’s a good deal that can and will get done.



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