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Founded in 1972, Pacific Southwest Realty Services (PSRS) is one of the largest privately-held commercial mortgage banking firms in the Western United States. Our funding sources include major life insurance companies, banks, credit companies, CMBS and institutional investors.

Access to diverse capital sources insures a high level of success in arranging commercial real estate loans, apartment loans, mezzanine loans, and equity transactions that our clients have come to expect. Our long-term lending relationships give us greater latitude in solving problems and closing loans in a timely manner.  After the loan funds, our experienced, in-house servicing team handles many issues such as assumptions, lease approvals, payoffs, insurance and many other similar matters.

We have funded a broad range of property types throughout a number of economic cycles and are confident that we can satisfy your financing needs.

PSRS represents life insurance companies, banks, private capital and other credit facilities seeking investment in real estate secured assets.


PSRS is a Correspondent for a select group of life insurance companies who provide capital for commercial real estate and multi-family loans of all sizes ($1 – $200 million)


Our team of professionals possess the depth of personnel and diversity of expertise to better meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our intense commitment to personal service. This philosophy of quality service has built many long-term relationships with real estate owners and institutional capital sources that have deepened through the cycles of the real estate market.

PSRS has closed financing transactions across the United States from offices located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas.


PSRS recently spoke with Austin Moore, Realty Investment Specialist at Southern Farm Bureau, and asked him a few questions about his thoughts on interest rates and the market in the next couple of years. Read below to take a look at some of the other questions that he answered for us:


Real estate is a relationship business. Trusting your mortgage banker and relying on their advice can provide you with several benefits including access to valuable long-term relationships, the ability to solve complicated problems, and extensive experience with various lenders, loan scenarios, and structures. Below are a few points of consideration for borrowers in the market for a commercial loan:


In the market today, we see that corporate bond rates have been rising even though index rates have been falling, causing spreads to increase. The reason life insurance companies do mortgages is to augment their bond portfolios. Mortgages provide stable cash flows similar to bonds but return better yields due to their lack of liquidity.