Mortgage Banker Spotlight: Trevor Blood

Mortgage Banker Spotlight: Trevor Blood


Trevor Blood joined PSRS in 2014 and currently holds the title of Vice President. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California in 2007. Prior to joining PSRS in 2014, Mr. Blood worked in investment sales and leasing in the office of Cassidy Turley (now Cushman & Wakefield), on the highest volume, sales and leasing brokerage team in San Diego. While at PSRS, Mr. Blood has successfully placed over $200 million of debt for assets located locally and nationally, through Life Companies, CMBS Lenders, Credit Unions and Banking relationships.  

Trevor, his wife, daughter and son reside in the South Bay of Los Angeles. He is affiliated with the ICSC, the USC Alumni Association, and NAIOP.

Why did you join PSRS?

I joined PSRS for several reasons. Top on that list is due to our unique platform in offering capital through our exclusive correspondent relationships with Life Companies. Having this exclusive access to the best capital in the market is a huge value-add to our clients. Relying on those lenders to rate-lock at application and provide the best long term financing options, has allowed me to grow my business year over year. 

In addition, access to local market information from across the country as member of the SAM Network, provides my borrowers with real-time market knowledge. Also, the long tenured relationships our firm has with CMBS lenders, Credit Unions, and Banks is unparalleled. 

Last but not least, I sincerely enjoy working with the people at PSRS, it feels like working with family and that is not something that can be manufactured. 

So, in short, unique programs, top-tier relationships, best information, and company culture are why I am here.

Where are your deals coming from?

While my borrowers are typically local to Southern California, the truth is, our platform has allowed me to win deals in any market, which has expanded my network across the country. My goal has always been to focus my business development pursuits close to home (South Bay of Los Angeles). The USC Network has been very beneficial as well and the borrower’s I have worked with tend to have properties located both locally and across the country. Being able to rely on the SAM Network is a huge benefit that allows me to have local knowledge in any market. 

As of late, I have been seeing more and more industrial refinance opportunities and construction loan requests for multi-family properties. We offer market leading options for borrowers on both fronts.

Who do you prefer to do business with?

Through our execution of our client’s demands, we are able to constantly illustrate to them that our success has been and continues to be due to the relationships we have. 

In turn, my goal is to provide enough value to my clients that our relationship continues beyond the one-off transaction. Whether that be through networking with each others colleagues, or on future financing opportunities, my goal is to be involved long term with the overall success of the entirety of my client’s portfolio. We have found that in doing so, a limitless supply of mutually beneficial opportunities often present themselves.

Where are we in this current cycle?

Most of the deals I’ve been doing are longer than 10 years. For a long-term holder, there is no reason to do a short-term deal. For most borrowers, their long-time goal is to put financing on their properties that carries them through a long period of time. There are some properties that might not be ready for that at this point so they might require some sort of bridge. Therefore, we’re helping them with their bridge needs right now with an eye on providing them with that long-term debt in the future. There are programs that our life companies have that provide competitive bridge loans.


  • Non-recourse financing
  • Lock rate at application
  • Terms – Floating Rate to 40 Year Fixed
  • Minimal to no reserve structure
  • Current servicing portfolio of $5.5 Billion – Fast servicing decisions
  • Nationwide coverage in the US on all commercial and multi-family real estate
  • Loan sizes from $1 Million to $100 Million+

About PSRS

Founded in 1972, Pacific Southwest Realty Services (PSRS) is one of the largest privately-held commercial mortgage banking firms in the Western United States. Our funding sources include major life insurance companies, banks, credit companies, CMBS and institutional investors.

Access to diverse capital sources insures a high level of success in arranging commercial real estate loans, apartment loans, mezzanine loans, and equity transactions that our clients have come to expect. Our long-term lending relationships give us greater latitude in solving problems and closing loans in a timely manner.  After the loan funds, our experienced, in-house servicing team handles many issues such as assumptions, lease approvals, payoffs, insurance and many other similar matters.

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